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During the high tide you'll have the opportunity to swim, dive and fish. There are plenty of corals and colorful fish and it's all located about 100 meters from the coastline. You can also take a hike and follow the paths around in the back country and look at the caves, because there are lots of them in Lamanok. Or how about a pleasant and scenic canoe ride through the mangrove on the small waterways?

There's much nature to look at in Lamanok and there are also great opportunities to meet a part of it. As an example you can find flying dogs, monkeys, iguanas, eagles, bats, snakes, butterflies and brightly colored birds. If you're especially lucky you might even get a glimpse of the world's smallest monkey, the Tarsier. Asides from all of these, Lamanok is a place of serenity and relaxation.

We can also recommend a trip around Bohol. Here you can see the world famous Chocolate hills or what about a tour on the Loboc River, with one of the floating restaurants. You can also visit old ancient Spanish churches or take a trip into the town of Tagbilaran to shop etc. You may even see the vicious cockfights during Sundays.

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Jørgen-Martin Pedersen

CVR: 21026956


Gl. Hovedvej 5

6740 Bramming​


Phone no# 75 19 05 29