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What you get!

Service Family

In addition to your own house and private beach in the middle of paradise, you get a service family. They take care of the daily works such as cooking, cleaning, and transportation by boat or car if you should need it. If you need a babysitter, it's not a problem; small children are no barrier - Filipino loves children. The Service family also acts as guides on land and at sea. We have two people to present with lifeguard certificate.


We offer you breakfast, lunch and dinner. In addition to small between meals / snacks there will be coffee and other types of beverages, cake, fruit, chips, biscuits and more.

The meals are prepared after the Philippine and Chinese recipes and are not particularly strong. Every day there will be 2-3 different dishes to choose from. It might be chicken, pork, beef or all the best from the sea etc. There will also be a chance to get fresh fruit.

Breakfast usually consists of coffee, tea or cocoa, bread, various forms of eggs, bacon and pancakes.

Should you as a guest have special wishes for breakfast, lunch or dinner, then you are naturally encouraged to contact the kitchen personel.

Company info

Jørgen-Martin Pedersen

CVR: 21026956


Gl. Hovedvej 5

6740 Bramming​


Phone no# 75 19 05 29