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Welcome to Lamanok Nature and Beach Resort​

Lamanok Nature & Beach Resort is well tucked away on the east coast of Bohol - Philippines. The place is owned by a Danish Filipino couple, who have also developed and put their own personal touch on the area. The Resort really is a paradise for those who want to relax and have a house and the beach for themselves.

To get to the Resort you have to travel by boat (bangka) along the shore, or take small paths through the backcountry. The place has room for 8 people distributed on four 2-person rooms.

The resort has an attached host family whom are available through out the day. They take care of preparing food, organize transport and cleaning both clothes and facilities.

Company info

Jørgen-Martin Pedersen

CVR: 21026956


Gl. Hovedvej 5

6740 Bramming​


Phone no# 75 19 05 29